2016 Event


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The Soul Stories DNA curriculum helps students to access their voices and write the stories they wish to tell. One of many ways in which we highlight these stories is by having our students present their talks on the TEDx stage at our annual event. This year’s event TEDxTheBenjaminSchool Muthos saw 29 7th and 8th graders present alongside 9 elite guest speakers.


Guest speaker Tina Reine gave a TEDX talk at our licensed event about how dance and being an aerialist provided a cure to her childhood feelings of inadequacy. Having adult guest speakers of note present with one’s students makes the students even prouder to tell their stories!

Emmy winning journalist John Hockenberry takes the stage at our TEDx event

Journalist John Hockenberry talked at our TEDx event about the power of storytelling to lead people through dark times.


7th grader Ben wrote a soul story about how he thinks it’s unfair that we call teachers and police heroes and then pay them so little. This soul story became the basis for his TEDx talk which he delivered at our licensed event.


7th grader Madi wrote her soul story about being born with a heart defect and how this has made her an advocate for a healthy lifestyle.  Her talk, "From the Bottom of My Heart" was a showstopper.

2016 Events

Our 2016 event TEDxTheBenjaminSchool event was Pentimento.

7th grader Alex delivering his TEDx talk on our stage