tedwomen 2018

Students in Schenectady at The Brown School with Dr.James are curating their own licensed live stream event of TEDWOMEN as it takes place in Palm Springs. Emceeing and organizing this event is a wonderful introduction before organizing their own TEDx event at which they speak at year’s end!

Here is the logo for our upcoming April 21st, 2018 TEDx event

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TEDx in the classroom certainly helps students to access their voices by guiding them to the TEDx stage, but it also helps them access their voices and sense of themselves as autonomous decision makers because they audition and curate and generally work together with  the adult TEDx speakers who take to the stage with them.

Tina Reine speaks about how becoming an aerialist helped liberate her

Author Nora Baskin reflects on whether or not authors may write characters  whose experiences do not reflect their experiences

Keri Morrison, CEO of LIVE LIKE Jake, pens a letter to her daughters in memory of their brother

2016-18 Events

Sapir Whorf 18

7th grader Jasper talks about how beatboxing helps him align himself with the beat of the universe

Muthos 17

Michelle Pfeifer talks about sharing her identity with a famous film icon

Pentimento 16

7th grader Crystal talks about appropriating identity and being biracial