Dr.James will be interviewed on the TEDx podcast Hacking the Red Circle about her TEDx curriculum by TEDx organizer Mark Sylvester on December 12th.


Dr.James presented her curriculum at NCTE with educator Cornelius Minor of Columbia’s Teachers’ College, social justice professor Dr.Jamila Lyiscott of U Mass Amherst, poet Georgia Heard, and fellow teacher Kathleen Devine of the Benjamin School.

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Dr. James attended the TEDWomen conference Showing Up in November of 2018 in Palm Springs California. Students at Brown School subsequently host a streaming event of the TED conference at the Brown School in Schenectady NY, helping them to cultivate their confidence, speaking, and curation skills.




On Friday, November 3, 2017 Dr. Cristina James and Ms. Kathleen Devine presented at the Florida Council of Independent School’s annual conference in Orlando on how to help students write soul stories that can eventually make it to the licensed TEDx platform.

Here’s Mrs. Devine killing it in her portion of their presentation!
Here’s Mrs. Devine killing it in her portion of their presentation!

Dr.Cristina James and students present on the TEDx curriculum for The Educator’s Collaborative on September 23, 2017

My female student TEDx-ers are featured at the end of this video that was shown at the beginning of TED Women in New Orleans in November of 2017! They’re building a bridge between who they are and who they want to be!

Umm… Mr. Walker, TEDx talks for kids do exist!

……Why TED Talks Should Target Kids